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    Horse Health & Care Tips Just in Time for Spring

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If you own a horse, it is important to regularly examine your horse for signs of injury and illness. By checking for and identifying problems early, you can help keep your horse in great health.

    With this video, you can learn how to check your horse’s health at home every day. Clear, bright eyes and a dry nose indicate a healthy horse. If your horse is drooling, he may have a dental problem. Also check the legs, belly, and back for lumps or swelling. This video highlights the importance of consulting a veterinarian right away if you notice a problem with your horse.

    In addition to regularly examining your horse’s condition, it is essential to provide your horse and other livestock with a constant source of fresh water. The automatic horse waterer was developed by Bar-Bar-A can help you accomplish this task. To learn more about our horse and livestock drinkers, call us today at (888) 833-9821.

    Could Your Horse have Allergies? Find Out Here!

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Allergies are the result of a hyper-reactive immune system that produces an exaggerated response to certain substances. Horses, like humans, can develop allergies as a result of genetic and environmental factors. The allergy symptoms that appear in a horse will depend upon the type of allergy and the horse’s individual immune reaction. Knowing how to identify common symptoms of allergies and providing a constant, fresh supply of water via an automatic horse waterer are two major components of caring for your horse.

    • Runny Eyes and Nose
      One common sign of equine allergies is tearing eyes and a runny nose. You may notice that your horse’s eyes seem irritated and are often watering. There may also be a large amount of mucus buildup along the edges of your horse’s eyes and nostrils.
    • Coughing and Wheezing
      Many horses react to allergens by coughing or wheezing. You may notice that your horse has a chronic cough or a tendency to cough shortly after eating. Depending upon your horse’s allergic reaction, the cough may either sound dry or wet as the result of mucus that has formed in the throat.
    • Itchy Skin
      Skin that is irritated, dry, or flakey is another sign of an equine allergy. Your horse may react to these skin conditions by rolling on the ground and rubbing against standing objects to scratch his or her skin more often than normal. A horse’s skin may also become thicker and develop a grayish tinge as a result of constant allergic reactions.
    • Swelling
      Another common symptom of allergies in horses is swelling of the skin. You may notice small, swollen lumps or hives on your horse’s skin. These lumps tend to appear around a horse’s shoulders, trunk, and legs. Your horse may also develop a rash that covers the entire body as a result of an allergic reaction.

    Identifying and addressing allergies in your horses is an important component of horse ownership. Bar-Bar-A can help make caring for your horses a bit easier with our electricity-free automatic horse waterers. To learn more, call Bar-Bar-A today at (888) 833-9821.

    From Care Tips to Famous Equines, Check Out These Great Resources!

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Horses and livestock have a well-respected place in history. Use the following links to learn more about some of the most famous horses and how to keep your animals healthy. For more information about automatic horse waterers, call Bar-Bar-A at (888) 833-9821.

    • From Lexington to Trigger, this fascinating article from the Smithsonian talks about some of the most famous horses in history and what made them so unique.
    • Learn more about the myths and facts about the famous warhorse, Comanche, on this website, which deems him “the most famous horse in western history.”
    • The name Trigger was widely known by everyone living between 1930 and 1950. He was officially known as The Smartest Horse in the Movies according to this resource, Find out what made Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger so unique by visiting this webpage.
    • Limitation on water intake for horses dramatically decreases their performance so it’s obviously important that they consume enough water throughout the day, but it’s also extremely important that their water is clean and nutrient-rich. This website describes how important healthy water is to your livestock.
    • “By weight, water makes up the largest portion of your horse’s nutrient profile,” according to Use this article to help keep your horses healthy and well-hydrated.

    Famous Horses throughout History

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The horse is more than just a working animal, and many individual horses have served as companions, amazing racers, and popular entertainers. For centuries, humans have formed relationships with these amazing creatures. A great way to give back to the warm relationship your horse brings to your life is giving them an automatic horse waterer so their water is always the perfect temperature and clean as can be. The following are some of the most notable horses that have enriched many people’s lives.

    • Lexington
      Today, the bones of Lexington are on display at the International Museum of the Horse in Lexington, Kentucky. This horse’s story began when he was born in 1850. Not only was Lexington 15 hands, 3 inches high, but he also knew how to run. In 1855, he was able to run four miles in just over seven minutes, breaking the record at the Metaire Course in New Orleans. Many of Lexington’s children inherited this famous horse’s racing genes.
    • Comanche
      One of the most famous warhorses, Comanche is rumored to be the only animal to survive under the leadership of General Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Although there are some who refute this claim, Comanche remains famous. Comanche was a beautiful and unique animal. With a white star on his forehead, he became a favorite of the U.S. Army Cavalry. After the defeat with General Custer, Comanche spent the next year recovering in Fort Lincoln. Comanche remained in esteemed retirement until his death at the age of 29.
    • Trigger
      With his owner, Roy Rogers, Trigger appeared in 90 movies and 101 television shows, making him the most recognizable horse of the 20th century. Trigger, who was a golden palomino, had his own distinctive personality which shined in all of his appearances. Not only was this horse extremely beautiful, but also smart and sweet. He lived with Roy Rogers until his death at 33.

    Even if your horse isn’t famous, he deserves the best horse water trough from Bar-Bar-A. Our horse and livestock waterers work automatically without electricity. With Bar-Bar-A, your horses will safely stay hydrated. For more information on our products, call (888) 833-9821.

    The Importance of Warming Up Your Horse

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Before riding your horse, it’s important to take the time to allow him or her to warm up. Just like any other athlete, a horse needs time to get blood flowing and stretch his muscles in order to perform.

    As you will see in this video, you should set aside at least 10 minutes to let the horse warm up. Allow the horse walk around on a long rein before starting any strenuous exercise.

    When watering your horse, it’s important to provide plenty of clean water. With an automatic horse waterer from Bar-Bar-A, you can keep your horse hydrated and ready to ride. To learn more about our automatic horse and livestock waterers, please call (888) 833-9821.

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