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    4 Reasons to Replace Your Horse Water Trough with an Automatic Watering System

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Automatic horse waterers are useful all year round, but here are four great reasons why you should have them installed before winter hits:

    1.      No More Frozen Water
    Automatic watering systems are constructed so that the water that’s left over after an animal has finished drinking and leaves the watering station gets flushed out. This means that you’ll never get stuck cracking open a thick layer of ice before your animals can drink.

    2.      The Temperature Stays Perfect
    No animal wants to drink ice water in the middle of winter, but a number of watering devices take the problem in the opposite direction and deliver steaming hot liquid, which can be just as unappealing to livestock. With an automatic watering system, the water temperature remains in the neutral range, keeping your livestock happy and healthy.

    3.      You Won’t Get Stuck out in a Snowstorm
    Blizzards can knock out power for days on end, which can be bad news if you have an electric or even a traditional trough setup. Without power, your electrical watering system is useless and you’ll be stuck hauling buckets of water to-and-fro in subzero weather. A automatic watering system, however, doesn’t rely on electricity and will keep on working regardless of inclement weather. You’ll be able to limit your trips out to the barn to simply making sure that the animals are warm and fed, and you won’t have to risk slopping water all over yourself, either.

    4.      Beat the Freezing Temperatures
    The most compelling reason to get your Bar-Bar-A automatic watering system set up before the winter is the fact that a good deal of the system is buried. The longer you wait to install the system, the more likely it is that the ground will freeze and you’ll be stuck waiting until spring.

    If you’re interested in having a horse and livestock drinker installed, then get in contact with Bar-Bar-A before winter hits! At Bar-Bar-A, we’ve come up with the perfect alternative to conventional horse and livestock water troughs. For more information about our systems, call (888) 833-9821.

    Automatic Horse Waterers Keep Your Livestock Hydrated

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The symptoms of dehydration are fairly similar in all mammals, so identifying a dehydrated animal is usually just a question of knowing the right signs. Read on to learn some common indicators of dehydration in horses and livestock:

    • Depression
      Even the mildest cases of dehydration are accompanied by signs of unhappiness in the animal. Low water intake affects the brain as much as it does the rest of the body. If an animal appears “down” or expresses irritation and confusion, you should check for other signs of dehydration immediately.
    • Sunken Eyes
      A dehydrated animal will have eyes that look sunken into their sockets. An animal’s eyes may also look glazed or dull as a result of both moisture loss and the psychological disturbances caused by dehydration.
    • Skin “Tenting”
      When an animal is dehydrated, its body will “recall” every available drop of water and transfer that liquid to essential organ systems. The skin is much less important than heart or brain function, so it will be one of the first areas to lose moisture. A way to test this is to pinch the animal’s skin between your fingers. If the animal is dehydrated, the skin will stay up in a tent shape, while the skin in a well-hydrated animal will immediately smooth back out.
    • Thickening of Bodily Fluids
      When the body needs water, it will look for it anywhere—including in the animal’s saliva. If your animal’s mouth and nose are dry or the fluids produced there are unusually thick, the animal is likely dehydrated.

    To prevent your horses and livestock from becoming dehydrated, contact Bar-Bar-A. We’ve come up with a great alternative to the conventional horse and livestock watering troughs, and can keep your animals from dehydrating due to foul-tasting water or shocks from a malfunctioning electric waterer. Automatic horse waterers are the way of the future for tending to your livestock's needs. For more information, call us today at (888) 833-9821.

    Livestock & Groundwater Rules of Thumb

    Last updated 4 years ago

    When running an agricultural operation, it’s important to take measures to ensure the health of both your livestock and your groundwater. Watch this video to learn how to accomplish these goals.

    In order to maintain the integrity of the groundwater, it’s incredibly important to make sure that animal waste is removed and composted, and that rainwater does not mix with large amounts of manure. If the manure is not composted then a great deal of useful fertilizer will be wasted.  In addition, the rainwater will flush the manure into bodies of water and groundwater, contaminating both sources.

    If you’re interested in making the most of your fresh water and keeping your groundwater clean, contact Bar-Bar-A. We provide non-electric, low-maintenance solutions for horse and livestock watering.  For more information, call (888) 833-9821 today.

    Improving your Horse's Health

    Last updated 4 years ago

    We hope you have enjoyed our recent blogs about extreme weather and the problems of standing water in horse troughs. Here are some websites and articles to give you more information about those topics:

    • Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Once you learn about the diseases mosquitoes carry, you'll work extra hard to eliminate stagnant water around your barn and your home to keep your horses alive and healthy.
    • Here's a great article that explains a horse's water needs and how those needs can be met, even when they change.
    • Winter time is brutal for everyone, especially your animals. As the season approaches, preparing your farm for wintertime is very important. This article provides helpful tips that keep your livestock safe during the harsh winter months.
    • Fresh water is essential to the life of every living creature. Check out this website to learn more about the amount of water that livestock uses across the country.
    • In order to maintain your horse’s health, it’s very important to know and understand the horse’s health history. Here are some tips to help maintain your horse's health records.

    Call Bar-Bar-A at (888) 833-9821 to get the best in automatic horse and livestock waterers today.

    The Problems with Standing Water in Horse Troughs

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Unless you're a tadpole or a mosquito larva, standing, stagnant water is the last thing you want. When you're taking care of animals, fresh water is crucial to the health and well-being of those prized creatures. If you have standing water in horse troughs, you’ll likely experience the problems listed below.

    • Mosquitoes are a huge problem that can develop out of a trough full of standing water. Mosquitoes carry all sorts of diseases that can infect and sicken horses, humans, and other animals; sometimes animals can even die from those illnesses. Dropping chemicals into the water to kill the larvae isn’t safe or beneficial to the animals, even if the product is labeled as “safe,” so eliminating stagnant water is a much better idea.
    • Algae are another problem that can start in a horse trough with standing water. The green, scummy water is anything but appealing to a hot, hardworking horse, and if algae are growing, then chances are, you've got bacteria, amoebas, and other less than appetizing things in the bottom of your horse's trough. You also don't want to set up a breeding ground for insects or frogs.
    • Health is the most important thing to any proud horse owner. Fresh, clean water is essential to keep parasites and other harmful things out of your horse's body. If you wouldn't drink it, then why should you give it to an animal?
    • Though your four-legged friend can't talk, your horse still wants water that tastes good and is refreshing. When water sits in the hot sun, it begins to develop a bad taste, as well as kick-starting the algae development. Stagnant water and the bad, mucky taste can be prevented with a simple automatic horse waterer.

    If you want to give your horse the best drinking water possible, contact Bar-Bar-A. Our automatic horse and livestock waterers will provide fresh water to the important animals in your life. Give us a call at (888) 833-9821 to learn more about our products or visit our website.

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